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Step inside the mind of The Lincoln Experience


by Carlton Boyd

The Lincoln Experience is a one man band who writes, sings and produces all he creates and goes by the alter ego of Herbert Manning. He is the soul contributor, creator, and activating illuminair of The Lincoln Experience. We connected with Herbert to find out more about his latest single "Darkness Esoteric EP", learn how the Paris terrorist attacks affected him as an artist, and much more. 

Carlton Boyd

You mentioned that your single "Darkness Esoteric EP" was dedicated to the victims of the Paris terrorist attack; how did that tragedy affect you as an artist?

The events of that night, the shocking scenes of black clad figures walking through the streets, firing ak47's, were to me the next step in terrorists attacking our way of life. Up until that point, it was always far sides of the earth, bombings, some hostage situations, but never so close and so public.

The streets of Paris were a rude awakening. That night I had a dream that I was a priest walking through a church and all the figures in the church were something similar to the scene in 300 where the traitor Elphiates goes over to join the Persians and walks into the sordid boudoir of enemy King. Basically how religion has blackened itself in essence and how man translate holy script into sordid corruption.

What does the name 'The Lincoln Experience" mean to you?

The Lincoln Experience means as long as you try you can never fail. Tenacity is the strength of character that anyone with ambition should hold and keep.

What can we expect next from you musically and what are your goals for the remainder of 2016?

Time permitting I need more time, to continue conducting & creating my individual sound. I've a private digital library full of ideas to be developed into song, last count exceeded 600 blueprints. I'm not interest in the vehicle of fame. This is a music factory & I would hope the music I make, sparks enough for people to return for more.

Is your music influenced by anything in particular, your surroundings, for example?

I grew up in London and at a time when music was in fractions. The underground was a place for new music & still is....

Most of my pals were promoters of nightlife, so this is the purge of a thousand nights of revelry, targeted toward this new age of EDM.

Are there any artists or producers with whom you would love to collaborate with?

The doors are always open, I guess the best way is to see who walks in. I have a couple of favourites but making music is a love hate relationship. Those you think would be great might shit on your parade, as Ego's a plenty in this industry, so I'll stay placid on that one.

If you had to describe your music in three words, what words would you choose?

Acoustic, Gasoline, Rainbows 







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